Hockey 4 Player

The Twin Air Hockey tables that we manufacture increases the adventure quotient at game parlours. Surface of the table has an inbuilt pattern that makes our products durable and gives them a unique look. Be it the sound effects, goal option or the adjustable countdown timer, there are no dearth of facilities for players.

A puck locking system is also provided. Prepared from the combination of three different materials, these tables are easy on maintenance. The designs and patterns that we supply are used by many clients. We have the size 102’’ x 72’’ x 60’’ H. We make sure our products standout among the market available products.

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  • Inbuilt pattern on table surface unique feature only by SAG.
  • Special sound effect, adjustable countdown timer & goal option for ending game.
  • Heavy duty blower fan with easy access for maintenance.
  • Puck locking system.
  • A fine blend of three material variants, soothing wood, sturdy steel and the stylish fiber.