Basket Ball DLX 1 Player

Basket Ball DLX 1 Player is a coin operated basketball gaming machine. It is manufactured keeping in mind all the safety issues and electrically operated. It’s ball locking system ensures that the player has the freedom to play the single player game at a time set for each of the tournaments. While playing the game you have complete control over the machine and this helps in having proper control over the ticket payouts. The easy assemble and sturdy construction of this machine proves to be suitable for all types of locations. It is sized 80” x 36” x 96”H and you can enquire more about this game at the online store of Super Amusement games.

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  • Wooden cabinet with Design mica
  • Powder coated colorful grills.
  • Variable game time/score levels.
  • One player game.
  • Ball locking system.
  • Redemption option