Battery Operated Car

The battery operated car is manufactured specially for the kids. It is one of the products from the Super Amusement Games makers who are also the leading manufacturer and exporter of kid entertainment games on a wide scale. This particular car can be purchased directly from their website for personal and commercial basis. Ideal for the kids as they can actually drive and control it like a real car under adult provision the car comes with amusing music and lighting. Its dimensions are 48’’*25’’*20’H and comes in different models like jeep or racing cars. The car can be charged as it has a 12 Volt 26 Amp powerful battery.

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  1. Battery Operated Car Ride
  2. Amazing Sound
  3. Carry weight about 60-75 Kgs.
  4. With coin m/c & Timer
  5. With 12 Volt 26 Amp. Battery & Charger