Fish Ride

Our Fish Ride is one of our unique innovations. This ride is made of high quality products to assure 100% safety of its riders. Our Fish ride only enjoyed by the childrens.

The attractive features includes-

  • Can accommodate up to four riders in a single ride
  • Made up of metal & fiber body
  • 2 HP-DC motor (having control penal)
  • Moves in a clock type movement

The best thing about this ride is that it does not require a very big area of its installation. You just need to have a total area of 7’ x 7’ for its installation.

We are a leading Fish Ride Manufacturer, supplier/exporter in Ahmedabad, India.

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  1. 4 player ride.
  2. Structure – Fiber & metal body.
  3. 2 HP DC Motor with Control Penal
  4. Clock Movement