Mini Storm Ride

Our superior quality Mini Storm Ride is one of our most attractive & highest selling ride. This ride is meant for all age groups. It is comparatively larger in size & can accommodate up to twenty four children’s & sixteen adults. To install our Mini Storm Ride you require a total area of about 20’ x 20’. The attractive features includes-

  • Excellent quality of metal & fiber body
  • 2 1.5 HP3-Phase motor & 3 HP-DC Motor (having control Penal)
  • Clockwise swing movement (towards left right swing)
  • High carrying capacity in a single ride

We are a leading Mini Storm Ride Manufacturer, supplier/exporter in India.

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  1. 16 Adult or 24 Children’s
  2. Structure – Fiber & Metal Body
  3. 3HP DC Motor with Control Penal & 2 1.5HP 3 Phase Motor
  4. Round, Left & Right Movement